Rules and General Information

For All Visitors

We welcome you all as friends to the Sykehouse Show and our small group of dedicated volunteers work very hard to ensure your visit is a safe and happy one. However we must remind you that you enter the showground at your own risk and you are expected to take all reasonable precautions to ensure your own safety and that of others.

Although every step is taken to ensure animal supervision it remains the responsibility of our visitors, competitors and exhibitors to take extreme caution when near animals as they can be unpredictable and easily frightened by sudden movement and noises.

  • The show is also held on agricultural land which is not always level and care should be taken when moving around the showground.
  • Show stewards are identified by Hi Vis tabards, please ensure you observe and obey any safety instructions given by them.
  • Please follow the procedures and obey the rules displayed on signs throughout the showground for your safety.
  • The First Aid post is located near the bar area.
  • Please report accidents to the First Aid post or to the nearest Steward.
  • You are advised to wash your hands after handling animals at the facilities provided.
  • Children must be supervised at all times.
  • Lost children and venerable adults will be taken to the Secretaries Tent.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any marquees or enclosed area.
  • Anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Please report any incidents to the Secretaries tent or the nearest steward.
  • Maps are located inside the programme and around the showground. The rules in each section can be found at the specific judging area. Only competitors and judges are allowed in the ring.
  • Tampering or vandalising of any equipment will not be tolerated. Free parking is available and vehicles are left at the owners risk.
  • We welcome dogs onto our showground but may we remind you:
    • Please-ALWAYS clean up after your dog.
    • Please- DON’T leave your dog in your car, it may be damaged if your dog becomes distressed and is released by Show Stewards.
  • Toilets including Disabled are located at various points around the showground.

General Rules

  1. Any objection to an exhibitor to be made to the secretary (in writing) before the distribution of prizes. Any such objection to be accompanied by a deposit of £10; to be forfeited if the objection be proved frivolous.
  2. Any person wilfully creating a disturbance including the playing of unauthorised music will be expelled from the showground and lose any claim he might otherwise be entitled to.
  3. The Committee reserves the right to postpone or abandon the Show in case of bad weather, to make any alteration in the programme which circumstances may render necessary, to withhold any prize or prizes if there are not sufficient entries, or to limit the entry. On no account will entry fees be returned, nor will expenses be allowed to any exhibitor in the case of postponement or abandonment.
  4. The decision of Judges in every case to be accepted as final. Officials only allowed in the ring.
  5. Exhibits to be the property of the exhibitor.
  6. Trophies will be presented following judging. Acceptance of the custody of a Challenge Trophy by the holder shall be deemed as sufficient guarantee that he/she thereby agrees and undertakes to return same free of cost to the Show Committee on or before 30th June previous to the next Annual Show. A deposit of £10 to be paid on acceptance of trophy.
  7. Affiliated Show Jumping under BSJA rules; competitors must be dressed according to BSJA rules.
  8. At the Committee's discretion, late entries will be charged double entry fees.
  9. All entries are shown at the risk of the exhibitors and no responsibility will be accepted by the Committee, their Stewards or other assistants for anything that may happen to exhibitors, their assistants or members of the public, their property or animals in connection with or arising out of this Show including circumstances involving the Data Protection Act. It shall be a condition of entry that each exhibitor agrees to indemnify the Committee against any legal action arising there from.
  10. All animals must be halter trained, quiet, and under the control of competent, experienced handlers.
  11. The Committee reserve the right to have animals measured in any type of class by their official Veterinary Surgeon unless a valid JMB Height Certificate is presented. Any animal may be measured at random.
  12. All riders MUST wear correctly secured safety hats to British Standard, appropriate to their entry.
  13. Everyone entering the Show Ground should be aware of the Code of Health & Safety Regulations, a copy of which is available for inspection at the Secretary’s' Tent.
  14. All foals must be 3 weeks old or over on the day of the Show.
  15. All Exhibitors and trades people must have Public Liability Insurance Cover.
  16. It is the responsibility of all exhibitors that livestock trailers arrive at the Showfield in a very clean condition direct from their farm and must not leave the Showfield except to return direct to their farm. All livestock handlers must also ensure they wear clean outer clothing at all times, to comply with DEFRA directives. Cattle entries must be pre entered, showing registration number of vehicle on entry form.
  17. In accordance with the Data Protection Act - by completing the entry form, entering any class at the Show or holding any kind of Trade Stand or Craft Stall - all exhibitors agree to their details being published in advertising and results.
  18. All number cards to be collected from Secretary’s Tent (unless stamps are enclosed with entry and fee)

Rules for Arts & Crafts

  1. Judges have the power to withhold any prize if not sufficient competition or merit.
  2. Any person objecting to the award of a prize must do so in writing to the Secretary with a deposit of 50p which shall be forfeited if the objection be proved frivolous.
  3. No entry will be accepted unless accompanied by an entry fee and form.
  4. ALL exhibits to be removed between 5.30pm & 6.00pm. Unclaimed perishable goods will be sold after 6.00pm and the proceeds credited to the Show funds.
  5. No person except the Committee allowed in the tent during judging.
  6. The Committee will not be responsible for loss of property or exhibits, but care will be taken to protect the same.
  7. Any person found damaging, taking or interfering with exhibits will be prosecuted.
  8. Exhibits must not have won a prize at this show before.
  9. Prize money to be collected at 5.30pm.
  10.  All exhibits to be the property of the exhibitor.
  11.  No teacher will be allowed to exhibit in any class in which they at present specialise.

Unaffiliated Show Jumping Rules

  1. No responsibility will be accepted by the organisers for anything that may happen to competitors, on lookers or their property, helpers or horses in connection with or arising out of the show. It shall be considered a condition of entry that each entrant agrees to indemnify the promotors against legal action arising therefrom.
  2. The organisers retain the right to refuse entry and to amend the details of the schedule if the instances of the programme requires and to cancel any class with insufficient entries.
  3. The decision of the judge is final. Any objection should be made to the Secretary, together with a deposit of £10 which will be forfeited if the objection is not upheld by the committee.
  4. The organisers of the show have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accidents occurring and must obey the instructions of the stewards, organisers, officials and committee members.
  5. Show/Hacking Jackets must be worn always in the Jumping Arena.
  6. Studs, spurs and whips will be allowed in the jumping arena but excessive use in the judge’s opinion may lead to disqualification
  7. Hats must be the current safety standard recommended by British Horse Society 2017 Juniors are riders 16 years of age and under on ponies 148cm and under.
  8. Seniors are riders over 17 years of age on horses 150cm and over.
  9. Refusals: 1st refusal =4 faults 2nd refusal = 8 faults 3rd refusal = elimination (If eliminated the judge will most likely suggest that you jump another single fence before leaving the arena. This is purely at the judge’s discretion.)
  10. A rider who takes a fall will be eliminated and must leave the arena on foot.
  11. A knock down: 4 faults for each pole knocked down before you cross the finishing line.
  12. H/C: Competitors may elect to jump again in the same class, however the 1st round is the scoring round. H/C rounds are non-competitive and are still charged at the same fee.
  13. Rosettes to 5th and prize money to 3rd
  14. Please observe the rules regarding how many horses are allowed in the warm up area, displayed on the day.
  15. Please be respectful of other competitors when parking your trailer or lorry.
  16. Please obey the directions of the Parking Stewards who are there primarily for your safety.
  17. The parking area can get very busy and it is extremely important that you and your horse/pony are safe always.
  18. Abusive behaviour towards our stewards, your fellow competitors, your animal or others will not be tolerated and you may be disqualified.
  19. Please do not leave your horse or pony unattended.